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What are the common myths about numerology?

Numerology is the study of numbers and is founded on the notion that our universe is a system that, when broken down, leaves us with certain basic elements: numbers. According to this field of study, everything in the world is made up of and is derived from numbers. As a result, links can be identified between them and personality traits, events, and circumstances. However, there are many myths about numerology that can be quite perplexing for those who are just getting started. Let’s go over some of the Myths and Facts about Numerology.

New Name spelling must be changed immediately in legal documents like passports or other national ID

One of the most common myths regarding numerology is that people must instantly change the spelling of their names on official papers, such as their passport or ID, to suit their suggested name. This is absolutely false. Instead, after receiving a new name spelling from a numerologist, people should practice writing it every day and utilize it in all feasible social media accounts, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and email addresses. This will help your friends, family, and associates in personal and professional networks to recognize you with your new name. You will feel positivity associated with their numerological name, which is tied to their birth number and zodiac sign, by doing so.

New Spelling start reflecting positive energy immediately after consulting the numerologist

As the saying goes, “It’s important to take medicine to be cured, you cannot be fine just looking at the medicine.” Similarly, in numerology, simply getting a revised name spelling from a numerologist does not guarantee positive results, following their advice is equally important. However, you will not be able to see immediate changes in your life, slowly and steadily you will see and feel the difference. As per the guidance of your numerologist, use your new name on social media, and personal and professional networks as mentioned above to experience the benefits associated with it to the fullest.

In numerology consultation, your complete name needs to change

One common myth about numerology is that individuals need to completely change their names to match their numerological energy. However, this is not entirely true. The truth is that in numerology, adding or deleting specific letters from an individual’s name can help align it with its compatible numerological energy and create positive vibrations.

The idea behind this practice is that every letter carries a specific vibration that can affect an individual’s personality, relationships, and life path. By adjusting an individual’s name to align with their numerological energy, one can enhance their strengths, mitigate their weaknesses, and improve their overall well-being.

A Person’s life is predetermined and unchangeable

One of the misconceptions of numerology is the assumption that a person’s life is predetermined and fixed. However, this is not the case. Life is full of possibilities, and how we approach and respond to it decides the outcome. What an individual can accomplish is determined by their specific situation and ambitions.  It is up to the person, however, to use this information to make positive changes and create the life they want. Numerology can reveal an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, but it is up to the individual to act and make positive changes in their life. It will also be wrong to assume that Numerology can determine a person’s fate, instead learn about the possibilities for the best results.

I am being influenced by unlucky or bad numbers.

It is a widespread misconception about numerology to think of some numbers as “good” or “bad.” But actually, numbers are expressions of cosmic intelligence with a range of potential that includes both positive and negative qualities. The key to effectively using numerology is to understand this spectrum and shift toward the positive features.

By deleting or adding specific letters from an individual’s name, numerologists aim to align it with their compatible numerological energy and create positive vibrations. Numerology is a tool for personal growth & self-awareness, and it’s not fair with the numbers to label numbers as inherently good or bad. Instead, we should understand the potential and positive aspects of each number and use that information to make positive changes in our life.

Key takeaways

We shouldn’t simply assume that Numbers & Numerology can predict the future, instead, we should learn about the numbers in detail to understand every point. I hope through this blog, I was able to burst some of the common myths around numerology and provide you with some useful information. Wish you very good luck on your numerological journey. Feel Free to reach out to me for any queries.

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