Influence of Numerology on Personal Development and Self-Discovery

The Influence of Numerology on Personal Development and Self-Discovery

Numerology has become increasingly popular and influential in recent decades.  It is an interesting subject that defines its impact on people’s lives. It is a mathematical formula that assists you in determining the best path for your profession, love, relationships, company, and other interests. It is a subset of astrology. Numbers are the primary trigger that causes us to react since our birth and are horrified by our birth dates. They have an impact on us from the moment we are born and continue to do so until we die. The Universe’s entities are assigned a value between 1 and 9. These are referred to as divine numbers. Everything in this universe is tied to numbers. Everything in this world revolves around numbers and involves Numerology and discovering your life purpose with it is very much in practice these days.

Numerology will help you achieve your destiny by reducing negative effects on your life path. Not only us, but Bollywood celebrities, are more dependable on numerology, which has brought them desired success and changed their careers. A numerologist deduces solutions for self-discovery using pictographs. Numerologists think that numbers have a deep link with the universe and its vibration.

How Does Numerology Work In Our Lives –

Numerology and personal development are interconnected with each other. With each number, specific energy and vibration are adjusted. These characteristics highlight a person’s life, behavior, personality, and fortune. Numerologists examine these characteristics and establish the fortunate number for them. According to numerologists, nothing happens by chance; everything happens by numbers. In our daily lives, numbers act as our representatives to deal with situations and bring our inherent potential to the surface. It assists us in making the right decision for something and starting a new venture with our lucky number. Numerologists are more reliable for this guidance.

Effectiveness of Numerology in our Life-

Personal life

It has a significant impact on our personal lives. It aids in finding your lucky number and lucky color based on your characteristics. While using the formulas for fortunate numbers and colors, try to be as eccentric as possible. You can utilize this strategy in your own life – vehicle numbers, phone numbers, house numbers, and major events in your life which shows that Numerology and self-improvement are also interrelated.


It might assist you choose a lucky launch date, lucky day, or new assignment work meeting in company. This is always used by large corporations and business entrepreneurs.


People in Indian culture and Hinduism are highly cautious about wedding dates and other important events. Marriage dates are chosen based on lucky numbers and a favorable ritual day.


Numerology is employed by many successful people in their careers. Many Bollywood celebs utilize numerology to determine movie-releasing dates, some even get a tattoo of their lucky number, and some use it to determine their intended career path. If you are looking for a job in any field, get advice from an experienced numerologist.

Numbers and their power in our lives!

In the below-discussed points we have discussed Numerology life path number meanings:

  1. It’s the first number, and it’s ruled by the sun! It has a manly personality and transforms beliefs into reality.
  2. It defines feminine personality, class, style, intelligence, and life choices.
  3. It identifies the creative person with a high IQ. It aids in performing the appropriate action at the appropriate moment.
  4. They are extremely demanding, even of themselves, and are rarely content with the outcome. They strive to be perfectionists; therefore it is not surprising that they experience irritation. When it comes to work, they are serious people. They find it difficult to unwind and cannot envision not working or having free time.
  5. This number describes the characteristics of an extrovert, who is always looking for ways to be extra in life.
  6. This number is ruled by Venus and is associated with a loving and caring nature.
  7. This number represents a passionate individual who is constantly willing to do better in life by thinking beyond the box.
  8. Thought about money, fame, and power. This results in both positive and negative construction.
  9. The ninth sacred number in the sequence is thought to protect nature’s individuality and vast knowledge.

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