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How Zodiac and Number Shape your Destiny

The world of numerology is in fact quite very interesting. It is an old practice and is based on beliefs that numbers play a big role in each of our lives. As per the indian astrologer in USA the rules of numerology connected well with the zodiac sign can uncover the hidden meanings and help in shaping the future.

Each number has its own story and energy and when combined with the zodiac signs can tell information about particular personality qualities, strengths, weaknesses and even one’s purpose in life.

As per the best astrologer in Dubai there is an interesting connection between numbers and zodiac signs. People can get to know a little about their own future if they know how to understand this connection. But how does the connection between zodiac and numbers control our future?

Zodiac signs along with their ruling numbers can also do wonders:


  • Aries: As a strong Aries, their ruling number is 9. This number focusses upon their joys doing fun new things and pure determination. It asks them to take up roles as leaders and make a positive effect on the world.
  • Taurus: As a reliable Taurus, their ruling number is 6. This number shows their practicality and stable nature. They are quite grounded and have a strong sense of responsibility. It encourages them to balance all aspects in their life while building good relationships.
  • Gemini: As an adaptable Gemini, their ruling number is 5. This number points to their funny personality and ability to grow and do well in different situations. It motivates them to accept new opportunities and makes them good communicators.
  • Cancer: As a kind Cancer, their ruling number is 2. This number focusses on their kind and caring nature and strong connection to their loved ones. It encourages them to be intelligent and create peaceful relationships.
  • Leo: As a glowing Leo, their ruling number is 1. This number shows their natural leadership qualities and want to be noticed and recognized. It encourages them to shine bright in whatever field they choose.
  • Virgo: As a practical Virgo, their ruling number is 4. This number represents their deep thinking abilities and detail-oriented nature. It encourages them to be organised and smart while chasing after their goals.
  • Libra: As a wise Libra, their ruling number is 7. This number shows love for harmony and fairness. It encourages them to develop their inner wisdom and look for deep truths in life.
  • Scorpio: As an intense Scorpio, their ruling number is 8. This number represents their powerful nature and attractive personality that draws people towards them. It encourages them to be wise and go through great changes.
  • Sagittarius: As an hopeful Sagittarius, their ruling number is 3. This number focusses on their love for exploring things. It encourages them to be showing the ability to create interesting new things and spread joy.
  • Capricorn: As a high-reaching Capricorn, their ruling number is 4. This number represents their controlled and practical nature. It encourages them to take risks to gain success in life.
  • Aquarius: As a smart Aquarius, their ruling number is 1. This number shows their original thinking and interesting nature. It encourages them to do new and interesting things and make a difference for better in the world.
  • Pisces: As an emotional Pisces, their ruling number is 2. This number represents very kind nature and ability to understand other people’s feelings of love, hate, fear, etc. It encourages them to be intelligent/obvious and trust their gut feelings.

In order to live a planned-out and satisfying life one must support the gifts that are the personality qualities, their greatest strengths and weaknesses which are gained by exploring the connection between the zodiac and numbers.

As per the indian astrologer in USA, the connection between zodiac and numbers helps people in self-discovery and provides us with valuable ideas. It also helps in decision making in life by guiding us to the right path. It proves to be a helpful tool while making career choices according to their talents and good for their personality. It also helps us tackle relationship issues by testing compatibility. While setting professional and personal goals it is helpful in connecting our desires with our future.

While understanding future can be a hard task job it is made possible with the help of the combination of zodiac and the numbers connected with it. One can make clearly stated explanations about their future and path in life with the help of this great thing. It is also quite important to support the personality qualities been given us , discover our hidden talents and to properly coordinate them with our goals in order to be successful in life.

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