Mobile Number as per Numerology

How to Choose Your Mobile Number as per Numerology?

Have you ever given it a thought as to what power a mobile number can wield? In the present world, it is one of the closest companions, a window to the world and knowledge. However, the fact that numerology- the study of numbers and their corresponding vibrations provides a way of choosing a mobile number is something you did not know. Intrigued? So let’s dive into this idea and find out how you can pick a number that will be meaningful for you. And also, if you are in search of the best numerologist in Canada, go Through this blog.

Numerology 101: The New World of Numbers

You might be interested in numerology as numerology is an ancient practice, which defines the meaning and impact of numbers. Numbers 1 to 9 are said to have their unique energy or vibration, which is said to have an influence over different aspects of life. For instance, the first digit is associated with authority, power and fresh start while the eighth digit is linked to prosperity and financial gains.

The Numerology of Your Mobile Number:

But how does it work when applied to your mobile number? The concept is to pick a number where the sum of the figures equals, or can be converted to, one figure or a master number of 11 or 22, that symbolizes the goals and aspirations. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

You are required to write your full active mobile number along with the country code.

There is a chart that indicates the numerical value that should be assigned to each digit. There are several variations, but one of the most common ones is, A and J get 1, B and K get 2, and so on. These charts are easily available on the internet or can be purchased from any store that sells numerology books.

If all the digits in your number are added up, you will get the number of syllables.

If the sum is a two-digit number (other than 11 or 22), then add the digits of the sum together and arrive at a single figure. For example, if your sum is 15, add 1 and 5 to get 6 On the same note, if your sum is 18, add 7 and 8 to get 15.

The single digit that you get in the end is the Master number which indicates the total energy of the mobile number.

Finding Your Ideal Number:

Now, the fun part! Let’s explore the meaning of each core number (1-9) and how it might align with your aspirations:

Number 1: Voyage, liberty, renewal; the tenets of leadership. Perfect for business people and other individuals who wish to start a new life.

Number 2: Teamwork, negotiations, partnership. It is perfect for those who are looking forward to having abundance, balance, and cooperation in their life.

Number 3: Imagination, verbal skills, freedom of speech. A number that brings good luck to people who are involved in creating art, writing, and speaking.

Number 4: Reliability, usability, structure. Advantageous for those who come from structured backgrounds and or are in need of stability.

Number 5: The three aspects I focus on in this blog are change, adventure, and freedom. A good fit for those who cannot stay in one place for too long and have the urge to explore.

Number 6: Happiness, home, work. This is a supportive number for people who want to have a healthy relationship with others and feel a healthy connection with family and friends.

Number 7: The most important things in life are knowledge, wisdom, and self-reflection. It is a mystical number for anyone who is in the search of truth and more importantly spirituality.

Number 8: Riches, strength, success. This is a number for invoking success and prosperity in terms of material wealth and riches.

Number 9: Kindness, work for others, philanthropy. A companion number for those who wish to be a force for good in this world.

Master Numbers: 11 and 22

It is to be noted that in numerology 11 and 22 are considered as master numbers. They are somewhat over-energized versions of their base numbers (2 and 4) and are known to possess powerful vibrations. Number 11 is associated with intuition and light, while number 22 stands for visionary and master builder. For example, if your mobile number calculation results in a master number, then it is a positive sign.

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