Best Tips for Logo Design as Per Numerology & Astrology

Best Tips for Logo Design as Per Numerology & Astrology

A logo is the first thing potential customers view: It’s important to leave a good Impression. However, what goes into a good logo? Based on numerologist and astrologer Monickaa Gupta, some numbers and astrological signs will give your business blessings.

In this blog. Monickaa shares her best tips for logo design per numerology and astrology.

1. Choose the right colours

Colours are also known to have a strong emotional effect thus making it necessary to select the correct ones for logos. Monickaa advises the use of colours that are relevant to a particular business niche and target audience. For Instance. If you are dealing with the healthcare Industry, you should consider using colours such as blue and green which are associated with healing and transquillity. Some cultures believe that certain symbols are a source of good luck. For instance, the Chinese believe that the number 8 is lucky while the lotus flower is good luck to many other cultures.

2. Use lucky symbols

Monickaa suggests the best tips for logo design and  She suggest you to include lucky symbols in the logo to attract positive energy to your business.

3. Consider your planetary ruler

Each planet is the ruler of different parts of our lives in astrology. Like the Sun rules over our egos and the Moon rules our emotions. Monickaa suggests designing a logo with its symbols that correspond to your planetary ruler. As a matter of example, you should use the sun or lion symbol if your planetary ruler is the sun.

Here are some specific examples of logos that incorporate numerology and astrology:

Google : Google uses the colours of water, fire, air, and earth for its logo in blue, red, yellow, and green respectively. Google seeks to bring harmony to its products and services, and these elements represent the balance,

Apple: The logo for Apple is a bitten apple, which refers to knowledge and wisdom. This symbol corresponds to Mercury, the planet associated with communication and Intellect

Nike: Nike’s logo is swoosh, which is a sign for movement and speed. This is the symbol of the energy and action planet, Mars.

How to design a logo that incorporates numerology and astrology:

  • Begin by Identifying your target market and area of specialisation. This will enable you to make the proper choice of colours and symbols suitable for your logo design.
  • Calculate your numerology chart. It will give you your life path number, your destiny number as well as other significant numbers.
  • Explore the astrological symbols for your business niche, target market, and numerology chart. Try out some logo design options based on the colours, symbols and numerology numbers you’ve discovered
  • Have other people review your logo designs, After a couple of designs that are to your liking, seek an opinion from your friend, family, and colleagues.

About Monickaa Gupta:

Monickaa Gupta is the best numerologist in Dubai and a business coach. In addition, she assists business owners and entrepreneurs in achieving their business goals as well as a rewarding life through numerology and astrology.

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Here are some specific reasons why you should choose Monickaa Gupta’s website:

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