Choose New Company Name with Numerology

Choose Your New Company’s Name with Numerology for Success

You have a brilliant business idea that you would like to implement and that you believe has the potential to transform the world. But before you dive headfirst into marketing and product development, there’s one crucial step many entrepreneurs overlook: picking the right name. It is not just some tagline or fancy font that you choose to make your company’s name; it is the first and the most important aspect of your brand.

Have you ever asked yourself about the significance of numerology in the selection of your company’s name? This might seem a little strange, but the fact is that numerology is a science of vibrations of numbers and it can also help to attract success.

Think of it this way: each letter in your company name has a particular numerical value. Knowing the meanings of these values and their associated energies will enable you to find a name for your business that is in line with your aspirations and the success you want to achieve.

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All about Numerology: Digit Symbols and Their Interpretations.

Numerology is an ancient belief that associates numbers to meaning and energies. These meanings are believed to affect different aspects of our lives ranging from personality, relationships, to career paths.

The core number is a number that is derived from the letters in your business name. To get this number, assign a value to each letter of your business name and multiply the sum by the number 3. Each of these core numbers has its own unique energy that can impact a business in a unique way.

Here’s a quick breakdown of some key core numbers and their associated meanings:

1: Autonomy, freedom, beginnings.

2: Balance, cooperation, harmony.

3: Creativity, communication, innovation.

4: Stability, security, organization.

5: Change, adventure, adaptability.

6: Nurturing, responsibility, community.

7: Knowledge, wisdom, introspection.

8: Abundance, achievement, power.

9: Compassion, service, humanitarianism.

11: The Master Number of 11 is Intuition, Idealism, Inspiration.

22: Achiever, the ability to achieve things in a practical way, potential for great success.

Determining Core Number for an Organization:

So, now that you have learned something about core numbers, how do you decide which one to use? Here are some steps to guide you:

Define Your Business Goals: What are the key values and goals of your company? Does your organization want to be stable and grow or be the disruptor? Defining your goals will guide you to identify the type of energy you want your name to convey.

Explore Core Number Meanings: After you have identified the goals you want to achieve, find out the meanings attached to the core numbers. For example, if stability and reliability are crucial, a core number of 4 could work well. On the other hand, if you are in an industry that is based on fast-moving ideas and creativity, 3 as a core number might be more appropriate.

Consider Your Industry: It is also a fact that various industries have their own unwritten rules concerning the naming of companies. For example, an insurance firm would be interested in names with core numbers of 4 or 8.

Beyond the Core Number: Other Factors to be Taken into Account.

It is important to note that numerology for company names is not only the core number. Here are a few other things to keep in mind:

Name Availability: Check whether the domain name is already in use and confirm that it has not been trademarked by another company.

Brand Recall: Select a name that is short, easy to pronounce and spell correctly. It should also portray the core idea of your company in a better way.

Putting It All Together: An Example for the Practical Application

Suppose you are planning to establish a company that specialises in the production of educational apps for kids. You dream of a classroom in which the children will be able to learn in a safe and fun manner. If considering the meaning of core numbers, numbers such as 3 (creativity) and 9 (compassion) might be considered.

That is why, if you come up with the name “Sparkling Minds”, this is a perfect name for your company. When you use the core number calculation by assigning numerical values to each letter of “Sparkling Minds” you find out that the core number for “Sparkling Minds” is 3. This is a perfect match to your statement about encouraging creativity in a supportive environment.

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